3 Best WordPress Hosting For High Traffic Sites

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Website performance and reliability are essential when looking for the best WordPress hosting for high-traffic websites. Price is less significant; it’s all about performance, security, scalability, and uptime guarantee.

At that stage, when your website requires high-traffic WordPress hosting, your focus and options differ from someone looking for an entry-level hosting plan, like shared hosting.

To help you pick suitable options, we have listed some of the best web hostings for large-traffic websites on this page. 

Consider this list as a guide to help you in the research process, and if you find something that interests you, check it out. 

We’ve tried our best to make the list as helpful as possible. Based on experience, these web hosts offer quality hosting for large websites.

Is WordPress Good for High-Traffic Websites?

Straight out of the box, WordPress is optimized for optimal performance for large websites and mid and small businesses. WordPress can handle heavy traffic without hiccups with the correct configuration and setup. 

However, you must understand that your website performance during heavy traffic periods depends on your hosting quality, not WordPress as blogging software.

This is why hosting big websites with high traffic on server infrastructure capable of handling and distributing traffic among multiple servers is essential. 

Additionally, having an optimized server, using a CDN service, the latest PHP, caching, optimizing images, and other optimization techniques can improve performance significantly.

Best Web Host For High Traffic Sites

Admittedly, these are not cheap web hosting plans; you should expect to pay upward of $50 monthly for hosting huge traffic websites with these web hosts.

Depending on your website traffic, millions or thousands monthly, these web hosts offer scalable hosting plans, good value for money, and a high-performance hosting server. 

They also provide advanced hosting features that let you manage your time effectively. 

You don’t have to spend your time with server management. These web hosts take good care of server-side management so you can focus on running your business. 

Server maintenance tasks like backup, updating PHP, plugins, themes, and WordPress core updates are handled by your web host. 

Without wasting more time, here are the three best WordPress hosting for high-traffic websites.

1. Cloudways

Cloudways WordPress hosting homepage

Cloudways is a popular managed cloud hosting services provider trusted by over 80,000 businesses, agencies, developers, and Fortune 500 companies.

Notably, these companies use Cloudways:

Businesses that use Cloudways hosting

These are high-traffic business websites generating millions of unique monthly traffic. Take it as evidence and a testament to the quality of cloud hosting services Cloudways offers.

Cloudways hosting infrastructure is built on partnering with five cloud hosting service providers;

  • Google Cloud (Google Compute Engine)
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • DigitalOcean
  • Linode
  • Vultr

The Cloudways hosting platform guarantees 99.9% uptime and built-in integration with the Cloudflare CDN enterprise addon, security addon, WAF, and more.

In addition, Cloudways offers businesses helpful hosting features like staging, auto-healing, SSD-based storage, HTTP/3 support, etc.

Cloudways Top Features for High Traffic Sites

  • Support for Redis, which improves database performance – combined with Apache, Nginx, and Varnish.
  • Image and Mobile Optimization – One-click image optimization with Polish and Mirage for Mobile when you enable the Cloudflare addon. 
  • PHP-FPM Pre-configured – allows website loading time to be sped up and improves PHP environments.
  • GIT Integration – Allowing developers to deploy updated codes to a live application from remote repositories.
  • Clone Applications & Server – Allows you to clone apps or sites for debugging on a new staging URL.
  • Projects – Enabling businesses with hundreds of websites to group and create projects for a group of websites. 
  • Add Team Members – Work remotely with team members and assign roles and permission levels to individuals.
  • One Account Multiple Team – A team member can be part of multiple teams, allowing seamless collaboration and improved work efficiency.
  • Server Transfer – This feature allows web development agencies to transfer hosting server ownership to clients or anyone in one click.
  • Migration Addon – Let the Cloudways experts migrate your sites in one click.
  • New Relic Integration – Troubleshoot and discover bottlenecks and issues affecting application performance.
  • Cloudflare Advanced DDoS protection – Enabling a state-of-the-art web security system for your website, enabling enterprise-grade mitigation of DDoS attacks in under 3 seconds.
  • And lots more. Check out the full Cloudways hosting features on this page.

Cloudways High Traffic Website Supports

Cloudways offers several support options for small and high-priority businesses, ranging from standard and advanced to premium support.

The option you take depends on your business needs and requirements. Here is a preview of what’s available in each 24/7/365 Cloudways support feature.

Cloudways Suppor plan and additional price list

However, one crucial factor is that Advanced and Premium supports will set you up for an additional $100 and $500 monthly, respectively. 

That’s the price for accessing the Cloudways 24/7/365 expert’s support through several communication channels.

Cloudways Price.

Cloudways allows customers to subscribe to a monthly or hourly hosting plan. You can pay only for what you use or decide to subscribe to a monthly billing plan.

The hourly billing is ideal for launching a campaign that will soon run out. For instance, you want to test a marketing campaign for weeks or even days.

Also, you can choose your server type – premium or standard. 

Aside from its Google Cloud and AWS servers, other servers are available for a 3-day free trial. You can use the trial offer to see how Cloudways benefits your business. 

Check the price list below. Note this price is for the DigitalOcean (DO) server; fees for other servers are available when you choose.

Cloudways DigitalOcean price list

2. Nexcess

Nexcess managed WordPress hosting homepage

Nexcess is an industry leader providing enterprise WordPress hosting solutions for large businesses and agencies with high-traffic websites.

As a customer, you can choose from its ten global data centers in three geolocations.

North America Datacenter 

  • US Midwest SouthEast, MI
  • US Midwest Dearborn, MI
  • US West San Jose, CA
  • US South Miami, FL

Additional Data Center for North America is available in Lansing, MI, and Phoenix, AZ.

Europe Datacenter

  • UK South Surrey, UK
  • UK South West Sussex, UK
  • The Netherlands West Amsterdam, NL


  • Australia South Sydney, NSW

Each data center is carefully vetted for security, performance, and strategic planning to ensure your website runs optimally and is secured. Also, Nexcess data centers are PCI compliant, enabling hosting redundancy, 24/7 monitoring, and a scalable platform. 

Nexcess helps you save money on web development costs for mission-critical sites by providing built-in features that would otherwise cost additional expenses. 

Nexcess Top Features For High Traffic Websites

  • Advanced Security Features – Automatic security threat detection, malware scan, auto updates WordPress core, plugins, and themes.
  • Custom Built WordPress Server – Nexcess deploys a fast and scalable hosting solution tailored to your specific hosting needs.
  • Expert WordPress Support – Get enterprise support solutions for applications and technical issues 24/7/365 days. 
  • Pre-Installed Git CLI – Instantly deploy applications or choose your development tools. 
  • Premium Site Migration – Nexcess engineers can help you move your site and fix any existing database issues, security, or challenges during migration.
  •  Managed Server Clusters – Custom-built load balancing architecture, optimized caching, and database for your projects.
  • Performance Boost – Object Cache Pro, Cloudflare Addon, and premium image compression tools.
  • Nexcess DNS – Reduct the first-time visit by pointing your domain name to the Nexcess DNS and selecting from over 15 DNS globally. 
  • Nexcess Edge-on – A built-in content delivery network to improve loading time across 285 cities, uses nodes and edge location, saves users bandwidth, and offers low latency. (Powered by Cloudflare).
  • File Compression – Nexcess uses the next-generation file compression app, Brotli, and supports Gzip if the client browser does not support Brotli.
  • Staging Sites – Test and debug applications in the staging hosting environment before deploying to live sites.

Nexcess High Traffic Website Support

Nexcess prides itself on being one of the leaders in managing WordPress and woo-commerce hosting, providing the most helpful and expert assistance.

Guarantee 24/7/365 world-class support from the best engineers and people in the industry. 

However, Nexcess ticket-based support operates on a queue system, enabling support staff to handle issues or requests as they come in. Consider the phone or live chat on the website if you need an urgent response.

Nexcess has a list of issues, for they do not offer assistance; you may need to check this page to understand the scope of your support.

Nexcess Price

Nexcess offers various WordPress hosting plans and prices suitable for businesses of different sizes, budgets, and needs.

Here are the prices, number of allowed websites, and discount offers on monthly and annual plans.

Nexcess hosting price list

3. WP Engine 

WP Engine Enterprise hosting homepage

When you think of the best WordPress hosting for high-traffic sites, you think of WP Engine.

WP Engine is a premium managed WordPress hosting suitable for large websites with extensive performance, security, and availability needs. 

If budget is not a concern, WP Engine is a top choice or best hosting for huge traffic WordPress websites. 

If these businesses can trust WP Engine hosting, you’re in a good and safe company. 

The trusted platform using WP Engine

These are top companies with a high need for 100% server uptime, security, priority hosting support, and dedicated hosting resources. 

WPEngine provides enterprise-level hosting with SOC-2 compliance security, a dedicated hosting server, and a hosting platform that grows with you as your business requires more resources and features. 

WP Engine has partnered with Amazon and Google Cloud servers to deliver best-in-class web hosting services.

Additionally, you can choose from several data centers closer to your audience from four regions – Europe, North America, Asia/Pacific, and the Middle East.

WP Engine Enterprise level Hosting Features. 

  • Built for WordPress – Unlike other web hosts offering WordPress hosting solutions alongside other CMS, WPEngine is a WordPress-only hosting platform.
  • White glove migration and support – Get premium support from a team of customer support experts. 
  • WP Engine Evercache – A frontend proprietary cache feature enabling your website to load 40% faster.
  • Automatic Error Alert – Receive real-time website error alerts so you can act promptly to resolve the issue. 
  • Server-side cache – Memcached and Varnish. 
  • Geotargeting – Dynamically server content to users based on geolocation with the WPEngine GeoIP feature.
  • Free SSL Certificate – Most web hosts offer a free Let’s Encrypt certificate. 
  • WordPress Multisite – Manage all your WordPress sites from a central dashboard.
  • Consultative Onboarding – Get 30-day onboarding dedicated managers to ensure your website runs smoothly on the WP Engine server.
  • Dedicated Account Team – Get access to dedicated customer and technical account managers, ensuring you meet your business goals.
  • Security – Get enterprise-grade SOC-2 compliance security, WAF, DDoS protection, and Cloudflare CDN. 
  • Uptime – 99.9% uptime SLA guarantee with built-in scalability and redundant architecture. 
  • Automatic Updates – Ensure PHP, WordPress, and your plugins are up to date, including visual regression and the option to roll back to the previous versions. 
  • Premium Themes – Free access to 10 premium WordPress themes from Studiopress. You can use it on clients or your sites.
  • Staging Sites – Create a staging site and website backup in one click. 

WP Engine Enterprise Level Supports 

You can get support via live chat, phone calls, and ticket submission. 

There are onsite knowledge-based articles and video tutorials offering quick answers to general issues that might affect your website. 

However, if you need to speak to a sales rep before signing up for enterprise-level hosting, here’s the contact page. 

WP Engine Price 

While WPEngine offers WordPress and e-commerce hosting for small to medium-sized businesses at competitive prices, enterprise-level hosting starts at $600/month.

There are three standard plans, which come with traffic limits. You can upgrade or pay an overage usage fee if you exceed it. 

You can adjust the hosting package at the point of purchase, which makes it a good thing to decide storage size, estimated traffic limits, cost, number of allowed sites, and bandwidth limits. 

Here is the price list at a glance. 

WP engine price list

Note that a discount on enterprise-level hosting is possible if you contact the sales rep and discuss your business needs. 

Checklist For WordPress Hosting For High-Traffic Sites 

Only some web hosts qualify as a high-traffic hosting solution. Some features and services set hosting services apart. 

Let’s look at some of the factors you must consider or look for in the best hosting for large-traffic sites. 


Support is one of the first factors you must consider in your checklist. 

You’re hosting a website with high priority for premium services and 100% uptime availability; dedicated support services are something you must pay attention to. 

At the minimum, your web host must provide 24/7/365 phone call support, live chats, dedicated account managers, and tickets. 


Your hosting resources requirement might go even higher shortly; there’s a good chance for that to happen. 

You need a reliable web host that makes it easy to scale up your resources without service interruption. 

All web hosts listed on this page offer cloud hosting infrastructures, making upgrading your plan and resources easier as needed. 


Nobody wants a slow or unresponsive website. 

More importantly, on high-traffic websites. For each second your website is unusable by users, you lose money. 

You must ensure your web host clearly defines how it handles performance and the type of technology used and deploys on its server for optimal user experience. 


Most web hosts now have built-in or integrated content delivery networks, ensuring your website content is loaded from the closest server to the client location. 

If your web host needs to be more transparent about CDN features, it may be time to look elsewhere or consider a third-party CDN service if you’re willing to spend extra money. 


Caching is an important feature of any website. You must pay attention to it. 

While many WordPress plugins, like WP Rocket, exist today to handle cache at the application level, having your web host deploy cache at the server level can significantly improve loading speed and reduce PHP database requests when loading WordPress-cached pages. 

This will improve page speed, website performance, and user experience.

Nginx Server 

Apache and Nginx are the two most popular web servers, along with Litespeed. 

According to a recent website server usage and popularity study by W3tech, Nginx has a 34.4% overall market share and 34.8% among the top-ranking 1,000,000 sites. 

This data shows that high-traffic sites use Nginx, so it makes sense to go where the pro goes. 


Hosting is a critical component of online business you must not gamble with. 

When your website grows to the point where it requires the best WordPress hosting for high-traffic blogs, you need reliable information to source a suitable web host. 

The web hosts listed here offer excellent hosting features and performance you can try. 

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