How to Remove OBJ in a Box in WordPress Blog 

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When copying text from other editors to WordPress, you might often encounter the error OBJ in a box in WordPress post titles or URLs, which is annoying and unwanted.

In this article, you will learn how to remove OBJ in a box in WordPress – whether in the title, content body, or URL, you will be able to remove it effortlessly. 

However, before moving on to removing the OBJ from your WordPress content, let’s quickly explain what OBJ is. 

What is OBJ Text in WordPress?

OBJ is an acronym for “object” or a set of characters that appears in WordPress when the editor can not recognize the input characters.

Let me explain in simple terms.

When you copy content from a rich text editor software to WordPress, the copied text is usually accompanied by extra hidden code; if WordPress can’t recognize the hidden code, you get the OBJ unwanted text. 

Also, you could get the OBJ in a box in WordPress if you’re moving a blog to another WordPress blog with different or incompatible settings. 

So, if you see the OBJ in a box in WordPress titles or URLs, the character can not be displayed on the screen. 

Now that you know and understand what OBJ is in WordPress let’s walk through how to delete OBJ in a box in WordPress.

Removing OBJ in a Box in WordPress Content

There are a few ways to remove OBJ in a box in a WordPress blog; we will discuss them below.

You often don’t need to panic when encountering unwanted OBJ text; deleting it is not difficult. 

Mostly, there are two sections of a WordPress blog you often come across the OBJ – the title and the URLs. Let’s see how to remove the obj in a box in the WordPress title and URLs.

Removing OBJ in WordPress Title.

If you have the OBJ character in the post title, you can retype the text or copy and paste it from your text editor as plain text. 

You can press the CTRL + SHIFT + V on a Windows computer to copy or copy CMD + SHIFT + V on a Mac and paste it as plain text. 

If that doesn’t work, simply highlight the complete text in the title or URL and click the backspace or delete button. This should solve the problem.

Next, you can now retype your text into the title or URL. 

Removing OBJ in WordPress URLs

Removing OBJ in the WordPress permalink structure is the same as the title field.

The first option is to delete and retype your content in the URL. This option works most of the time to resolve the issue.

Alternatively, copy and paste it into a rich text editor like Google Docs or Notepad and copy and paste it back into the permalink. 

This option works equally well. 

Avoiding OBJ Text in Your Content

If you have several editors working remotely, you must instruct them not to copy and paste from a rich text editor like Microsoft. 

The OBJ unwanted text character is not a bug in WordPress, though it appears it started for most people after WordPress 5.9; it is more of a compatibility issue. 

And mostly, it appears in the WordPress title and URL. We have real evidence that it surfaces in the article’s body.

However, if you encounter it in the content body, simply follow the instructions in this post to remove OBJ in a box in WordPress. 

Also, ensure you’re typing WordPress titles directly and not copying and pasting. 

The following advice will help remove the obj in WordPress and save you time and the pain of fixing it.

Conclusion – How to Remove OBJ in a Box

You’re not alone if you think how to remove the obj in a box in WordPress is specific to your blog. 

Several users have complained of the same, and after following the suggestions in this post, they were able to get rid of the obj in a box in WordPress titles or URLs.

If you find this post helpful, please share it, like it, and leave your comment below.

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