Regardless of the time of the year, season or events for a hospitality business, having a website ready to take reservation bookings is essential to user experience, sales, and revenue growth.

Hotel websites should offer guests a seamless experience when exploring the property, browsing rooms, using the amenities, and, most importantly, reserving accommodations.

WordPress plugins for hotel bookings made it easy for hospitality businesses to make online bookings for accommodation reservations painless. 

Even if you’re not using one of the finest hotel WordPress themes, incorporating a booking form plugin can seamlessly integrate this functionality into your website. 

I’ve diligently scoured the internet and compiled recommendations for the best free and premium WordPress plugins for hotel booking. 

Delve in and discover!

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WordPress Plugins For Hotel Bookings

Many plugins listed have a freemium plan, enabling you to take advantage of and explore its functionality and features to test.

This way, you don’t have to purchase a premium plan when unsure of a feature or function that will help your business positively.

So, go through the list, find what works for you, download the free version and see how it can add more value to your business.

1. MotoPress Hotel Booking & Property Rentals

Hotel booking by Moto press

The MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin stands as the ultimate WordPress booking system for proprietors of rental properties. 

Whether you’re managing a hotel, a cosy B&B, or a vacation rental, this plugin empowers you to create an extensive listing of properties complete with amenities, services, photos, and more. 

It also enables the creation of a real-time availability search form that performs automatic inventory control. 

The plugin facilitates booking confirmations through payment gateways (PayPal, 2Checkout, Braintree, Stripe, Beanstream/Bambora, etc.) or manual confirmation via email.

Additionally, you can automatically synchronize listings on various Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) with your direct website bookings, mitigating the risk of overbooking. 

Keeping a comprehensive track of expenses, the plugin features a robust system for taxes, fees, and a payment history for each reservation. 

Flexible pricing options encompass discounts, seasonal rates, diverse custom booking rules, and more. While a free version is available, it offers fewer features.

2. VikBooking Hotel Booking Engine & PMS

VikBooking Hotel Booking and Engines & PMS

With the VikBooking plugin, setting up a dependable reservation system for your hotel is a swift process. 

The free version covers room types, customizable rates, an availability calendar, occupancy management, language and translation tools, user role permissions, and a selection of 8 user-friendly shortcodes. 

Upgrading to VikBooking Pro elevates your booking management with added restrictions (minimum stay, check-in time, etc.), seasonal rates, over 60 payment gateway choices, SMS notifications, and check-in/check-out functions. 

The Pro version also provides insightful graphs, statistics, and PMS (Property Management System) reports to gauge your business performance.

3. Booking Calendar & Form

Booking calendar WordPress plugins

Booking Calendar holds its reputation as one of the most popular free booking calendar plugins on Despite being free, it brims with useful features. 

You can create multiple calendars, each with customizable booking form fields. Guests can select their stay dates from the calendar, complete the form, and submit their reservation request. 

Upon submission, both guests and website administrators receive confirmation emails. Administrators can then manage and approve reservations, among other functionalities, through an easy-to-use admin booking panel.

4. HBook Hotel Booking

HBook presents itself as an excellent option for your hospitality or hotel website. 

This robust plugin simplifies room booking for your guests on your WordPress website. Responsive reservation calendars and booking forms can be crafted using HBook. 

Upon installation, you can create advanced calendars and forms featuring available rooms, terms and conditions, price filters, room amenities, coupon codes, minimum/maximum stay requirements, custom rates, reservation deposits, cleaning fees, and more.

5. Pinpoint Booking System

PinPoint Booking System

The free version could be an ideal starting point if you’re unsure about committing to the Booking System PRO. 

While not as feature-rich as the premium version, the free Booking System plugin offers a front-end reservations calendar. Guests can select dates, apply coupon codes or discounts, and complete payment via PayPal. 

This is a great method to immediately incorporate a booking calendar into your website, with the option to upgrade to the PRO version later.

6. Booki Booking Form

Booki, a premium booking form and calendar plugin, offers an advanced reservations system that adapts to users’ time zones, enabling real-time availability viewing. 

Booki streamlines the process for guests to select travel dates, view available listings, and make PayPal payments upon receiving an invoice. 

The plugin boasts 24 color themes, advanced admin statistics, and translation readiness, empowering you to customize it according to your requirements.

7. WP Simple Booking Calendar

WP Simple booking Calendar plugin

WP Simple Booking Calendar lives up to its name, providing a neat and uncomplicated booking calendar for your WordPress site.

Manage room rentals and reservations by creating multiple reservation calendars. Assigning users to specific calendars lets you control who can access customer requests. 

An optional premium version offers enhanced features for those seeking additional functionalities.

8. WP Booking Calendar

The premium WP Booking Calendar simplifies creating reservation calendars for hotels and other hospitality businesses. 

Each day showcases the count of available rooms or time slots, enabling users to discern availability quickly. 

WP Booking Calendar is a valuable addition to your website, offering unlimited calendars, time slots, reservations, and a captcha for booking forms.

9. WP Booking System

WP Booking System plugin

The WP Booking System free WordPress plugin effectively adds a straightforward booking calendar or form to your hospitality website. 

Guests can make daily reservations, and the plugin employs color coding for available and booked days. 

Reservation requests are conveniently forwarded to your WordPress dashboard for efficient organization and management.

10. Bookly WordPress Booking and Scheduling

Bookly presents a comprehensive booking solution, guiding customers through the process until payment is made. Its user-friendly booking forms allow unlimited services and staff members to be included, simplifying choices for visitors. 

By integrating services into categories, visitors can easily locate their desired options. 

The plugin gathers visitor availability information to generate suitable time slots. Upon selecting a time slot, visitors can provide details and make payments using Bookly, reducing no-shows. 

Supported payment processors include PayPal, Stripe, and 

Bookly syncs with Google Calendar for back-end functionality, streamlining staff scheduling and appointment management.

11. Gravity Forms

GravifyForms WordPress plugins

Renowned as one of the top form-building WordPress plugins, Gravity Forms offers various advanced form options, including conditional logic, radio buttons, dropdown menus, and more. 

Creating a custom reservation request form is effortless with Gravity Forms. 

This plugin can even handle guest payments through your reservations form if supplemented with premium add-ons for coupons, Stripe, or PayPal.

12. WooCommerce Hotel Booking

The WooCommerce Hotel Booking plugin empowers you to manage bookings using WooCommerce as the backbone. 

This plugin facilitates adding rooms, availability management, check-in/check-out procedures, upsells (such as breakfast or spa treatments), and payment acceptance. 

WPML compatibility ensures seamless translation, and the plugin accommodates any payment gateways integrated into your WooCommerce store.

13. Multi-Vendor Booking Reservations

The Webkul Multi-Vendor Booking plugin (requires the Webkul Marketplace plugin) enables you to establish an online booking platform similar to or 

With this WooCommerce extension, third-party entities like hotels, Airbnb, apartments, and campsites can contribute their room listings. 

Combining this with a membership plugin allows you to charge third parties based on reservations made through your site.

14. Quform

Quform, a favored premium form builder, offers a dedicated booking form template. This simplifies the process of creating a reservation form tailored to your needs.

 While you can design a custom form, the template streamlines the procedure, including necessary information fields.

15. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 plugins

While some hotel and hospitality businesses may require comprehensive booking calendars, others prefer a booking request form. 

Contact Form 7 is an excellent option for crafting a straightforward and free booking request form. 

Guests can select room types, property locations, and preferred periods with custom field additions. Completed forms are sent for review and manual entry into your reservations system.


I’ve spotlighted our top selections for WordPress plugins for hotel bookings. Nevertheless, I’m interested in hearing your insights. 

Have you utilized any of the aforementioned plugins? 

Alternatively, would you suggest an alternative booking form WordPress plugin? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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