About us

I welcome you to WPrBlogger, a place for WordPress beginners to find resourceful materials to help them build a successful blog.

At WPrBlogger, I aim to help beginners, small business owners, and especially non-techy WordPress users with helpful tutorials that are easy to understand and follow.

If you’ve ever typed into a search engine:

  • What is WordPress?
  • How to install___ on WordPress?
  • What is the best WordPress____?
  • How to optimize _____in WordPress?

This is the right place to be, and you will find many resource materials to help answer your questions.

If there are WordPress topics you’ll like to see on the blog, consider shooting me a mail at shamsudeen[@]wprblogger.com

The Birth of WPrBlogger – The Story

First, I am Shamsudeen Adeshokan, and this is not my first blog project. I started blogging in 2012 as a complete novice to internet marketing. I had never heard of the word blog before starting my first blog.

As you would guess, it was all about learning and failing…after that, I started several blog projects in different niches and industries. I failed. None of those projects results in anything worthwhile.

But surprisingly, my first blog to ever be built on the internet is my core business today. It’s the only one that survives and remains the heart of my online business.

During these periods, I have learned much about running an online business, especially running a blog on WordPress.

This is why I decided to take everything I have learned and experienced in the past to a new home on the internet. And teach others how to build a blog on WordPress and make a living out of it – hopefully, full-time income.

Here are a couple of topics I will be covering mostly on WPrBlogger:

  • WordPress Tutorial – Beginners Guides 
  • How to articles –
  • Products review and recommendations
  • WordPress Hosting
  • WordPress optimization tips and tutorial
  • New WordPress innovation updates
  • Plugins and Themes 
  • WordPress e-commerce
  • WordPress Security
  • And more

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