4 Alternatives to JetPack Analytics That Won’t Cost You Money

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Jetpack has long been a companion to WordPress users, offering features that streamline website management. 

From security and performance optimization to social media sharing and content management, Jetpack has simplified countless tasks for bloggers and website owners. 

One particularly valuable feature within this suite has been Jetpack Stats – a user-friendly tool providing basic website traffic data.

However, a recent change in Jetpack’s pricing structure has made Jetpack Stats a paid add-on. This shift can be a significant hurdle for beginners and bloggers not yet generating income from their websites. 

The good news is that excellent alternatives to JetPack analytics are available, many of which offer a robust set of features for free. 

This article discusses some of the top alternatives WordPress plugins to Jetpack Stats and the option to roll back to the old Jetpack Stats view. 

Whether you’re a beginner looking for a user-friendly option or a seasoned blogger requiring advanced WordPress traffic analytics, we’ll help you find the perfect replacement to monitor and analyze your website traffic.

Why Should You Look for Alternatives to Jetpack Stats?

As mentioned earlier, Jetpack’s decision to make Jetpack Stats a paid feature creates a barrier for new website owners and bloggers with little to no income from their blogs. 

Sure, these blogs may be running ads such as Adsense and other blog monetization methods on the blog, but the monthly income is insignificant to cover extra billing for such a thing as blog traffic stats.

Free alternatives offer a valuable solution, allowing users to track website traffic and gain valuable insights without additional costs.

Here are some additional reasons to consider alternatives to Jetpack Traffic Stats:

  • Limited Functionality in the Free Version – While Jetpack Stats provides basic traffic data, it lacks the depth and features of dedicated website analytics tools. Unless you subscribe to the premium version, UTM tracking is unavailable. 
  • Privacy Concern – Some users might prefer alternatives that offer greater control over data privacy and avoid relying on a bundled plugin suite. This can be a major concern for businesses in the European Union and other countries where privacy laws are strictly enforced. 
  • Desire for More Advanced Features – As your website grows, you might require advanced features like conversion tracking, heatmaps, or custom reports, which might not be available in Jetpack Stats’ free tier.

Top Alternatives to Jetpack Analytics

WordPress analytics plugins offer various options to suit different needs and preferences. There is a dedicated plugin that allows you to connect to other traffic analytics sources like Google Search Console and GA4. 

This can give you more insight and data to analyze, leading to more valuable data for better marketing decisions. 

Here’s a breakdown of some top contenders categorized by their strengths and functions. 

Analytics Software Alternative to JetPack

If you prefer analytics software that requires a separate platform from your WordPress blog, the options here might be good to review.

These website analytics platforms provide more comprehensive data, insight, and customization than JetPack. They let you customize data collection and the dashboard to fit your business requirements.

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the industry leader in web analytics, offering comprehensive features for tracking website traffic, user behavior, technology, engagements, and conversions. It integrates seamlessly with other Google products like Search Console and Ads, providing a holistic view of your online presence. 

Google Analytics is free; you need a Gmail account and a website. For most users, the free version of Google Analytics4 is more than sufficient for your WordPress traffic analysis needs.

You can analyze 

  • Pageviews.
  • Total users
  • Return website users.
  • Traffic sessions.
  • User engagements
  • Landing pages and screen. 
  • Real-time website users. 
  • URL path
  • Device info – technology, browsers, OS, Screen resolution, etc. 
  • And lots more. 

However, Google offers an advanced and premium analytics version (GA360), targeting large enterprise businesses with enterprise-level support needs, scalability, and advanced tracking and monitoring tools. 

As I said, you don’t need Google Analytics 360 if the JetPack monthly fee for stats is a big concern for you. You’re better off with the free version of Google Analytics4. 

2. Statcounter

Statcounter is a user-friendly platform that provides basic website traffic data, real-time visitor tracking, and an analytics dashboard in its free plan. However, this free plan isn’t all you may want. 

It only lets you analyze the most recent 500 page views, which is not much considering many website drives more than that daily. But, if you could set up yourself for a £7 monthly fee, Statcounter is more powerful and gives better value for money than JetPack.

With Statcounter, at £7 per month, you have access to:

  • Landing page analysis.
  • Conversion tracking.
  • Paid Traffic Analysis.
  • Label and track traffic sources and get detailed alerts.
  • Export your traffic data in a CSV file.
  • Access to StatCounter API for your custom use.
  • Access to onsite live chat support. 

Plus, you can see average return visitors and unique website visits, track first-time visitors, entry and exit points, etc. Like everything you can do with Google Analytics, Statcounter is more powerful than JetPack stats. 

Here is demo traffic data from the StatCounter website.

Statcounter demo traffic data

As you can see, you get more for paying a monthly fee for checking traffic data in Statcounter than in JetPack. There is also a 30-day free trial to test-run the Statcounter platform. 

Alternatives WordPress Plugin to JetPack Stats

In this section, I list some of the best WordPress stats plugins. These plugins collect data differently, comply with existing privacy and GDPR laws, and provide insight into your website traffic and user data.

3. MonsterInsights

A popular WordPress plugin specifically designed to leverage the power of Google Analytics. For what it tracks, MonsterInsight is more beneficial than JetPack

The plugins give you more details about your site activities, like file download tracking, affiliate link tracking, event tracking, and more. 

MonsterInsights simplifies setup; the MonsterInsights setup wizard walks you through the plugin onboarding process, making it easier for beginners to set up and integrate seamlessly with your WordPress dashboard.

MonsterInsights Setup Wizard page

Though it has many more relevant traffic analytics features than JetPack, the free version of MonsterInsights doesn’t give you as much info as you may expect. 

For instance, only the Overview tab allows access to its data after installing the plugin using the free Lite version. The other tabs, like Traffic, Ecommerce, Dimension, Forms, Realtime, and so on, are locked behind a paid subscription to the Pro plugin. 

The MonsterInsights Overview tab lets site admins view traffic reports for the last 30 days. Here is the data you can access in the MonsterInsight Lite version.

MonsterInsights Overview Traffic Reports in WordPress blog
MonsterInsights Traffic analytics in WordPress blog

Down this page is the top post/page report, which lets you see which of your website pages drive the most traffic. 

Still, there are a few features worth considering MonsterInsight, one of which is the Site Notes feature. The Site Notes let you write down and monitor important website changes and track how their impact affects website performance and traffic over time. 

Monster Insights Site Notes feature

If you’ve been into SEO for some time, you know the importance of keeping track of the little tweaks and big changes you make to your website. With MonsterInsights, you can easily track the impact of those changes within your site dashboard. 

Another helpful MonsterInsights feature is the Popular Post widget or Inline. 

You can showcase your most popular posts/page based on the most comments, SharedCount, and manually curate a list to display. 

This can lead to more website pageviews, especially for blogs that monetize with display ads. Or, good for making your important posts and pages come into your readers’ views. 

Monster Insights Popular Post Widget feature

4. Independent Analytics

Independent Analytics WordPress plugin - Bets alternatives to Jetpack stats

Hands down, the best JetcPack Stats alternative WordPress plugin is Independent Analytics. The plugin gives you a detailed view of your website traffic stats; from the number of daily visitors, pageviews, bounce rate, and views per session to page tiles, you get lots of information to analyze. 

It makes the perfect replacement for JetPack stats without compromising on performance. It’s so simple to set up and requires no signup process. You just need to install and activate the plugin and clear your website cache to allow the plugin to track and monitor traffic data effectively. 

The free plan is sufficient for most bloggers if you don’t need to track real-time users, Woocommerce analytics, and marketing campaigns. 

Independent Analytics dashboard

It has helpful features like access role permission, which lets site admins specify a user role that can edit and view analytics data. You can also block logged-in users and their IP addresses from tracking, which helps filter out invalid traffic from diluting the traffic data.   

I picked Independent Analytics as the perfect alternative to JetPack Analytics in WordPress for the following reasons.

  • GDPR compliance – it doesn’t cookie profile users like some other Analytics plugins.
  • Track, filter, and analyze traffic sources such as referrals, search engines, geo-locations, devices, operating systems, and pages.
  • No signup process is required. 
  • The free plugin is feature-rich and enough for most blogs with essential user and traffic analytics data.
  • The plugin doesn’t collect and store user data externally. It stores the data on your server. However, this can be a performance problem if it slows down your server. 
  • You can share your blog analytics access with other user roles, freelancers, or clients. 
  • Disable tracking for logged-in user roles. 
  • Extend Woocommerce analytics with more data collection and tracking. 
  • Enable post-view counter to improve social proof. 
  • Export your data to another analytics plugin. 
  • Check traffic history for up to 12 months, last year, this year, and even all time.

There is a lifetime deal for $164 for 1 website license. You can buy more website licenses as per your specific needs.

There is an option to buy 3, 5, 10, and unlimited website licenses for yearly and lifetime deals. The free plan is good to go if you don’t want to invest in checking your site stats. 

Independent Analytics plugin price list

How to Switch Back to Jetpack Old View

You can go back to old Jetpack Stats views if you don’t want to install another plugin, subscribe to a paid plan, or, for whatever reason, prefer the old classic Jetpack analytics data interface. 

Though it gives limited data compared to the new version, you have access to essential traffic data like pageviews, traffic sources, outbound links, search terms, and history.

Follow these steps to switch back to the old classic stats views of Jetpack plugin. 

Go to Jetpack and click Settings. On the Jetpack settings page, locate the Traffic tab. If you’re on a mobile device, click the dropdown menu to find it. 

Now that you’re on the Traffic page scroll down to the section Jetpack Stats. The next thing is to toggle off the option “Enable a New Jetpack Stats Experience.”

Turn off Jetpack New Stats view

Once this option is off, your WordPress stats will automatically revert to the old version of Jetpack Stats views. 

WordPress will no longer prompt you to subscribe to the Jetpack Stats premium plan. You can now continue using Jetpack Stats for free, but with no access to countries’ source traffic, UTM tracking, email stats, device tracking, and likes counts.


While Jetpack Stats has served many website owners well, the shift to a paid model opens doors to explore other alternative WordPress site analytics solutions available. 

Considering your website’s needs, technical expertise, and budget, you can find the perfect tool to gain valuable insights into your WordPress website’s traffic, user behavior, and overall performance. 

Google Analytics is a more comprehensive analytics platform; GA4 can be intimidating for beginners. If you found the data in GA4 challenging to analyze and get value from, you should try other simpler options like MonsterInsights or Independent Analytics.

This plugin simplifies website traffic data for beginner WordPress users, ensuring you focus on traffic metrics that matter to your website growth.

The options explored in this article empower you to move beyond JetPack Stats 

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