6 SEO Automation Tools to Boost Productivity and Time

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Are you looking for the best SEO automation tools for small business owners to optimize your website for better search engine ranking? Here, you will find lots of SEO software to manage many aspects of your marketing.

You will find all the tools from keyword research, technical SEO, site audit, content marketing, and competitor analysis to outreach.

I have compiled a list of 6 SEO automation tools worth the investment. You can browse it to find the tool to help your business progress. 

Without wasting your time, let’s dive in…

What are SEO Automation Tools?

SEO automation is a tool that lets you automate SEO tasks you would normally execute 100% manually or partially. 

These tools help you improve productivity, save time and money, and increase efficiency. Besides these benefits, it lets you automate repetitive SEO tasks and tedious, time-consuming SEO processes.

If you’ve been into SEO for any time, you know how complex, time-consuming, or difficult some tasks could be. Without tools, you could spend an entire day working on an SEO task you can possibly complete in an hour.

What SEO Task Should You Automate? 

Depending on your level of SEO knowledge, many aspects of search engine optimization can be automated.

Granted, you can use scripts to write rules for some of these tasks (if you know the way around codes), but for many SEO professionals, off-the-shelf tools are better.

Though you need to adjust some of the settings to work with your schedule and needs, these tools are easy to use and will make your life easier.

That being said, here are a couple of SEO tasks you can automate:

  • Keyword position tracking in SERP 
  • SEO reporting 
  • Site Audit 
  • Web mentions 
  • Competitors monitoring (new links, keyword mentions, etc.
  • Meta description 
  • Log files 
  • Broken links 
  • Server uptime 
  • And more…

There are endless SEO tasks you can automate in your work. The tool you use and your experience level significantly affect how much you can do with the tool.

Let’s see the list of the best SEO automation tools to improve productivity and save time.

Top 6 SEO Automation Tools

These SEO tools are some of the best and most popular in the industry. They offer many helpful SEO features that help businesses achieve higher SERP rankings.

Whether you’re a local SEO expert, international SEO, in-house or SEO agency, these SEO tools will help you achieve your technical and marketing goals.

From on-site SEO audit to dip dive into diagnosing website SEO errors, troubleshooting potential ranking issues, finding link partners, to optimizing new and existing content, you have all the tools on this page.

1. Semrush

semrush homepage

One of the best search engine optimization automation tools today. Semrush is used by SEO professionals and agencies worldwide.

BIG and small businesses websites such as eBay, Quora, HP, Booking.com, etc.… used Semrush.

You automate several tasks with Semrush – keyword position, reports, technical site audit, social media growth, backlinks, and more.

It is an all-in-one marketing SEO tool with great features such as:

  • Keyword Research and Analysis 
  • Link Building and management
  • Competitors’ analysis and research
  • Backlink Gap
  • PPC marketing and research tool
  • SERP features analysis
  • Position tracking tool
  • Market Analysis and Research
  • Geolocation SEO 
  • Domain Analysis Tool
  • Lead Generation and list management 
  • And more 

If you’re a beginner at SEO or on a low marketing budget, Semrush might not be a good fit for you. In such a case, consider some of the other SEO tools on this list.

But if you can afford $119/m, Semrush is worth the investment.

2. SEO Powersuite 

SEO Powersuite home page

If you’re looking for affordable SEO tools that let you do most of the SEO tasks, SEO Powersuite is the right choice. Unlike Semrush, SEO Powersuite is budget-friendly, and you pay yearly.

Being a yearly plan makes it more convenient to manage cost vs usage. It comes in SEO bundle kits.

SEO Powersuite is an SEO automation software that lets you perform tedious tasks such as blogger outreach, link building, competitive analysis, and keyword position tracking on automation.

You can also schedule reports and get email alerts when there are changes in SEO reports.

  • Link Assistant – For link building, research, analysis, outreach, management, etc.
  • Website Auditor – On-page technical SEO audit tool.
  • SEO spyglass – For everything competitor analysis. Crawled more than 7.1 billion web pages daily. One of the largest link indexes.
  • Rank Tracker – SERP position rank tracking and keyword research tool.

SEO Powersuite Features 

Here are some it’s notable features of SEO Powersuite:

  • Team Collaboration – Work with team members via a cloud storage facility (dropbox integration.).
  • Track Keyword positions in any search engine.
  • Competitors keyword tracking and research.
  • 19 keywords research methods
  • Localization keyword tracking
  • Multiple URLs tracking
  • Keyword SERP history and fluctuations.
  • Mobile result keyword tracking
  • SERP features tracking 

SEO Powersuite is constantly updated to meet SEO demand and industry best practices. So you’re not left out or working with outdated SEO and marketing metrics.

SEO Powersuite Pricing

  • Free – Forever free but with limited features
  • Professional – $299/yr
  • Enterprise – $699/yr

Note: If you want to test the professional edition, here is a 14-day trial license. No credit card is required. 

3. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO automation tool

Surfer SEO is an AI power technology that analyzes your target keyword’s top ten organic search engine rankings. It checks your content against 500 on-page SEO signals, comparing your content with the search results.

After scanning through hundreds of data, SurferSeo gives you actionable SEO tips to improve your content.

So you can model a working strategy, outsmart your competitors and win the SERP game. SurferSEO can help you optimize both existing and new content.

SurferSEO can analyze your content for:

  • Average word count of top-ranking pages
  • Number of H tags on a page
  • NPL Entities coverage
  • backlinks Gap
  • Referring domains
  • Keyword usage and occurrence
  • Meta tags structure
  • Average page speed
  • And more…

Surer SEO Top Features

  • Content Planner – Plan your content strategy with relevant topics and keywords in minutes.
  • Site Audit – Audit your site, find errors and get SEO quick wins recommendations and opportunities.
  • SERP Analyzer – Get expert-level insight into your competitor’s SERP ranking strategies.
  • Content Editor – Optimize new or existing content for your target keyword with data-driving SEO metrics.
  • Free Outline Generator –  AI content outline and short paragraphs generator 
  • Keyword Surfer – Chrome extension to research content and keywords in SERP
  • Content Editor – Google Chrome Extension for Docs  

Surfer SEO Pricing 

  • Basic – $49/month
  • Pro – $99/month
  • Business – $199

4. Ahrefs

Ahrefs SEO Automation tools

Ahrefs is one of the top-quality SEO tools for business owners today. 

Its link data is one of the most accurate in the industry. And the fastest link crawler to pick up live links within hours of publication. I have had links reported in Ahrefs within hours of going live on the partner’s website.

You can automate several SEO repetitive Tasks with Ahrefs, from site audit, keyword tracking, backlink monitoring, and reports, to server monitoring; there is plenty you can do with Ahrefs.

But Ahrefs does a lot more than link analysis. Here are some of its features:

Ahrefs Top Features

  • Site Explorer – link analysis, organic traffic research, and competitor advertising research tools.
  • Keyword Explorer – Ahrefs keyword tool supports 171 countries’ databases and 10 search engines. Get thousands of keyword suggestions from a database of over 7 billion keywords.
  • Rank Tracker – Keyword position tracking and notification tool.
  • Content Explorer – explore new content ideas, find link partners, and explore the SERP features.
  • Site Audit – Get deep insights into the on-page technical factors affecting your site rankings.

Ahrefs Pricing

  • Lite – $83/m 
  • Standard – $166/m
  • Advance -$333/m
  • Enterprise – $833/m

Note: All prices are based on the annual plan. If you select the monthly plan, you pay a bit higher.

5. SE Ranking 

SE Ranking tools

SE Ranking is one of the top choices for small business owners with limited budgets. The pricing structure gives a lot of flexibility and options to pick from.

Besides being a budget-friendly seo tool, SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO tool for keyword research, site audit, off-page SEO, competitive research, tracking keyword position, and creating branded white-label reports.

You can customize the Whitelabel report to fit your clients’ branding and personalized SEO report.

SE Ranking is similar to SEMrush in the design aspect. So if you’re used to the Semrush interface, you’ll find the SE Ranking interface easy to use.

SE Ranking Top Features 

  • Competitive Research – Research competitors’ SEO and marketing metrics such as backlinks, keywords, strategies, paid marketing, etc.
  • Keyword Research –  Research keywords, analyze SERP top page, features, competitor’s search terms, etc.
  •  Backlink Gap – Analyze a competitor’s link profile and get a detailed report to see the opportunity Gap.
  • Backlink Checker – Check any website backlink profile in one click. See the opportunity, and get link metrics.
  • Website Auditor – on-page technical SEO audit tool. Check any domain for over 130 SEO errors and get recommendations.

SE Ranking Pricing 

  • Daily 
  • Weekly 
  • Monthly 
  • Quarterly 
  • Six month 
  • Annual

For full pricing details, check out the structure on this page.

6. Pro Rank Tracker

Pro rank tracker

Pro Rank Tracker is a SERP position tracking and automation tool that provides up-to-date information about your ranking keywords. You can set the tools to automatically email you daily reports on keyword ranking.

It tracks your ranking keywords in all the major search engines, including Google, Bing, YouTube, Amazon, and your target geolocations.

You can track daily, weekly, and monthly keyword changes in SER for your tagged search terms.

There is a column for the biggest jump and biggest loss in keywords, so you know where to put more effort. Pro Rank Tracker is a complete keyword-tracking automation tool.

Pro Rank Tracker Top Features

  • Ability to track keywords in all major search engines
  • Track search queries by SERP features
  • Monitor keywords position by device type and operating system. 
  • Monitor keywords in the United States by locations
  • Enter keywords in bulk or upload through a file
  • SERP analysis  for your ranking keywords
  • Real-time analysis of top rankings pages for your searched terms.
  • And lots more

Pro Rank Tracker Pricing

  • Price starts at $13.5/month for 100-track keywords.
  • 30-Days free trial

Conclusion…Best SEO Automation Tools

An automation SEO tool can reduce the workload, save time, and help you achieve a lot. Plus, it will improve productivity and let you focus on other important tasks.

The SEO automation tools listed on this page are some of the best in the industry. You have several options to choose from. You can pick from affordable and high-budget SEO tools like Semrush and Ahrefs. 

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