5 Best WordPress Form Builder Plugins (Free & Paid) 2024

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Contact forms are one of the essential website elements. They serves several purposes, from letting your customers book appointments, collecting email leads, and sending messages, surveys, and polls; there are endless ways to use them on your site.

However, creating contact forms is challenging if you’re not a developer. 

But, even if you’re a beginner using WordPress, several WordPress forms builder plugins make the process easier. 

Using these plugins, you can build any contact form without coding. You don’t need to know how to write codes to use these plugins to build a web form. 

After blogging for over a decade, I have used many contact form plugins. Based on my experience, here are the best WordPress form builder plugins.

1. WPForms

WPForms website

WPForms offers a user-friendly interface and a drag-and-drop form builder editor, making it easy for anyone to create various web forms, including contact forms, surveys, payment forms, custom registration forms, etc.

It has 1,600+ premade form templates, spam protection features, payment integration addons, and third-party email marketing software integration access. So, you can use WPForms alongside your email marketing software to collect leads on your landing pages

The drag-and-drop form builder interface makes building and customizing your Form easy. You can add form features like radio buttons, dividers, checkboxes, additional fields, smart conditional logic, etc.

WPForms comes with state-of-the-state anti-spam protection from Honeypot and Google RECAPTCHA, protecting your Form against spam and abuse. It supports Google RECAPTCHA V2 and V3, custom CAPTCHA, and WPForms automatic spam security. 

If you accidentally make unwanted chages to your form, you can use the undo and redo features to reverse the changes. Even, WPForms let you save form as a draft, which you can work on at later time.

Users can also partially fill out form fields and return later to complete the submission. 

WPForms Standout Features

  • Smart Conditional Logic – Go beyond basic logic by displaying specific fields or sections of your Form based on user input. This streamlines the user experience and collects more relevant data.
  • Payment Integrations – Seamlessly accept payments directly through your forms with integrations for popular services like PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.Net.
  • User Journey Addon – This allows you to see or track pages and posts on your website user visits before interacting with your forms. 
  • Email Marketing Integrations – Connect your forms with popular email marketing platforms like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Getresponse, and AWeber, and automatically add new leads to your email lists.
  • Mobile Responsive – All web forms created in WPForms are 100% mobile responsive and displayed equally well on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.  
  • Spam Protection –  WPForms utilizes smart captcha technology to prevent spam submissions and protect your forms effectively.
  • MultiPage Form – lets you split a long form into several pages, making filling and improving the user experience easier. 
  • Detailed Entry Management – Easily track, view, and manage all form submissions from a centralized dashboard.
  • Form Templates – Quickly build your forms with premade templates, making creating and customizing form designs easier for anyone. 

WPForms Pricing 

WPForms offers a free version with basic contact form functionality. Premium plans start at $49.50 annually and unlock advanced features like conditional logic, payment integrations, and marketing automation.

There are four standard WPForms licenses:

  • Basic – $49.50 (1 Sites)
  • Plus – $99.50 (3 Sites)
  • Pro – $199.50 (5 Sites)
  • Elite – $299.50 (Unlimited Sites)

The above prices are for the WPForms introductory offer; you’ll pay the full price if you choose to renew your license the following year.  

All WPForms licenses allow you to create unlimited forms and submissions and add many users to your accounts. 


  • Exceptional Ease of Use – The intuitive drag-and-drop interface and clear instructions make WPForms perfect for beginners without coding experience.
  • Extensive Feature Set (Premium) – The premium plans offer a powerful suite of features, making WPForms a versatile solution for diverse form needs.
  • Third-Party Integrations – Connect WPForms to other services and tools you use in your business in one click. 
  • Mobile-Responsive Forms – All WPForms creations are mobile-friendly, ensuring a seamless experience for users on any device.
  • Seamless Connection With Payment Systems – WPForms lets eCommerce store owners process payment without hassle. 


  • Limited Features in Free Version – While the free version is great for basic contact forms, some essential features require upgrading.
  • Conditional Logic Limitations (Free) – The free version offers basic conditional logic, and advanced functionalities require a premium plan.

Who Should Use WPforms?

If you’re a beginner WordPress user or small business owner, you need a user-friendly and affordable solution to create various forms without needing coding expertise. With over 1,600 ready-to-go form templates, creating web forms can never be easier.

WPForms is also perfect for eCommerce businesses to collect and process orders directly on their website.

2. NinjaForms

Ninjaforms website

NinjaForms is a powerful and customizable WordPress form builder designed with a focus on user-friendliness. It boasts a drag-and-drop interface and a wide range of field types, allowing you to create anything from simple contact forms to complex multi-step forms.

NinjaForms makes collecting donations easy, connecting to a CRM, building leads through beautiful web forms, organizing surveys and polls, users registration, collecting feedback, etc. 

Several add-ons let you customize and enhance the form capabilities further. For instance, you can add file upload functions to your WordPress forms, set permissions levels, and accept file type, size, format, and where to save, such as Google Drive, WordPress, Dropbox, and more. 

If you need to create more complex form features, Ninja Form is one of the best WordPress form builder plugins for you. It has several advanced features targeted at enterprise businesses with form needs beyond the basics.

NinjaForms Standout Features

  • Multi-Step Forms – Break down lengthy forms into manageable steps, improving user experience and increasing completion rates.
  • Form Imports and Exports – Easily migrate your forms between websites or share them with others for collaboration using the import and export functionalities.
  • A/B Testing – Test different versions of your forms to see which ones perform better and optimize your conversion rates. (Premium Feature)
  • CRM Integration – Connect NinjaForms with CRM like Hubspot, Salesforce, and Zoho CRM. 
  • Automation Integration – Ninjaforms allows you to collaborate seamlessly with team members across marketing automation platform like Trello, Slack, and Zapier.  
  • Save Progress – Allow users to save forms and reload the page later to complete the information. 
  • Zapier Integration – Connect your forms with thousands of web applications using Zapier to automate tasks and workflows. (Premium Feature)

NinjaForms Pricing

Ninjaforms has a free version that provides essential form-building functionalities, while premium plans start at $99 per year and unlock advanced features like multi-step forms, more integration with email marketing service, and PayPal express connection.

More features and tools are unlocked at higher levels. The NinjaForms Pro plan gives you access to more payment processors, Stripe, Authorize.NET, Elavon, and PayPal Express. 

There are three standard plans besides the free plan, and here are the pricing details. 

  • Plus – $99/yr (Maximum 3 sites)
  • Pro – $199/yr (20 Sites maximum)
  • Elite – $499/yr (Unlimited Sites)


  • Great Balance of Ease of Use and Customization – NinjaForms caters to beginners and experienced users with its intuitive interface and extensive customization options.
  • Free Version with Valuable Features – The free version offers a good starting point for basic form creation, making it a budget-friendly option.
  • A/B Testing (Premium) – Optimize your forms for better conversions with the A/B testing capabilities available in the premium plans.
  • Good for eCommerce Business – NinjaForms connects to more forms than most of its competitors, and you can integrate with PayPal, Elavon, Stripe, Authroize.Net, and Recurly, allowing merchants to process payment globally. 


  • Limited Integrations in Free Version – The free version offers limited integrations with third-party tools. Upgrading unlocks features like Zapier integration.
  • Conditional Logic Limitations (Free) – Like WPForms, the free version has basic conditional logic functionalities, while advanced options require a premium plan.

Who Should Use Ninjaforms?  

Ninjaforms is a great choice for users who need a balance of ease of use and form customization capabilities. Ideal for beginners and experienced users who require basic to moderately complex forms. Ninjaforms is also perfect for online store owners, processing payments, and integrating a global payment system. 

3. GravityForms

Gravifyforms website

GravityForms is a premium WordPress form builder plugin renowned for its robust features and functionalities. It cater to users who require advanced forms with complex logic and data handling.

Trusted by some of the biggest brands on the web, such as Google, Yale, ESPN, and Nike, Gravity Forms is one of the top WordPress form plugins. 

If you’re a beginner WordPress user, you might initially find the Gravity Form interface intimidating, but as you get used to it, it becomes easier to use and build your Form. 

The plugin allows you to create custom web forms, integrate with automation and workflow services, build complex forms, add conditions, collect payments, create column layouts, etc. 

The Gravityform’s robust security features protect your forms against spam and security threats.

In addition to its internal security protections, Gravityform uses Google reCAPTCHA v2 and v3, and it is GDPR compliance, uses Honeypots or Akismet bot spam protection. 

Also, Gravityform routinely checks all codes quarterly, ensuring compliance, bug-free, and highly optimized to deliver a seamless user experience. 

Developers can use Webhook and REST API access to create custom tasks and workflows. This makes Gravity Form a top choice for SaaS, developers, and enterprise businesses with advanced needs for using web forms.

GravifyForms Standout Features

  • Advanced Conditional Logic – Craft intricate workflows with GravityForms’ powerful conditional logic engine. Display or hide fields, sections, or entire forms based on user input, creating a dynamic and personalized form experience.
  • File Uploads – This allows users to upload various file types directly through your forms, ideal for collecting resumes, proposals, or other file-based submissions.
  • BYOA (Build Your Own Add-on) is a feature that lets you build your custom addon to work with your form submissions. 
  • Automated Payments – Gravityform lets you manage recurring subscription payments and workflow with your preferred payment system. 
  • Form Abandonment Tracking – Gain valuable insights into users who start but don’t complete your forms. Identify areas for improvement and optimize your forms for higher completion rates.
  • User Registration and Login Forms – Seamlessly manage user accounts and memberships on your WordPress website with built-in user registration and login form functionalities.
  • Extensive Integrations – GravityForms integrates with many popular marketing tools, CRM, and payment gateways, allowing you to connect your forms with your existing workflow.

GraviftyForms Pricing 

GravityForms operates on a paid licensing-only model. There are no free plans.

Licenses start at $59 per year and grant access to the plugin for a single site. Additional licenses are required for multiple websites.

Here are the three GravityForms standard plans.

  • Basic – $59 per year (1 site with access to standard support)
  • Pro – $159 per year (3 sites with access to standard support)
  • Elite – $259 per year (Unlimited Sites with access to priority support)

Check the GravityForms pricing page for a detailed description of each license’s available features, pro-add-ons, and limitations. 


  • Unmatched Power and Flexibility – GravityForms offers this list’s most extensive feature set, making it ideal for building complex forms with intricate logic and functionalities.
  • Advanced Integrations – Connect your forms with vast tools and services, streamlining your workflow and data management.
  • Form Abandonment Tracking – Gain valuable insights into user behavior and optimize your forms for better completion rates.
  • Developer Friendly – GravityForms provides tools that help developers build more complex workflow and automation with forms, making it the right WordPress form plugin for advanced users. 


  • Steeper Learning Curve – The extensive features might overwhelm beginners, requiring more time to learn and master.
  • No Free Version – GravityForms doesn’t offer a free tier, so you must commit to a paid license to use it.
  • Cost – The pricing structure can be a barrier for some users, especially those on a tight budget.

Who Should Use GravifyForms?

The Gravity form is an ideal WordPress form builder for developers, agencies, and enterprise businesses that need feature-rich forms for complex functionalities, user account management, and advanced data handling.

The Basic plan is ideal for low-budget business owners and individuals with basic needs for form submissions. 

4. Typeform

Typeforms website

Looking to ditch the traditional form layout? Typeform offers a unique and engaging way to create conversational forms that feel more like interactive quizzes or surveys.

It is the perfect WordPress form builder software for improving the long-form submission rate. Users won’t feel stressed out but enjoy every step of the process.

Typeform creates eye-catching, beautiful form designs with striking visuals painlessly. Your customers will love its intuitive approach to form filling; instead of long, boring, endless form fields, they can now interact with each form filled out one after the other. 

You can use Typeform to collect data from beta testers, product researchers, and feedback, guiding customers’ onboarding, job applications, etc. 

Typeform directly integrates with over 120 applications, including Zapier, WordPress, Google Analytics, Cloudflare, DigitalOcean, and more. 

Typeform Standout Features

  • Conversational Form Design – Present your questions in a step-by-step, conversational format, making form completion more engaging and user-friendly.
  • Logic Jumps – Based on user responses, Typeform can jump to specific sections within the form, creating a personalized experience and collecting more relevant data.
  • Beautiful User Interface – Typeform boasts a visually appealing and user-friendly interface, making it perfect for creating functional and aesthetically pleasing forms.
  • Embed Anywhere – Easily embed your Typeform creations on your website, landing pages, or social media posts to collect data from various sources.

Typeform Pricing  

Typeform offers a free plan with limited access to essential features. The free plan is ideal if you want to experience how Typeform can help your business positively. 

Premium plans start at $25 monthly and unlock features like unlimited questions, logic jumps, and branding customization.

You can create unlimited web forms and questions for each web form. The difference in premium licenses starts with the number of user seats and the number of integrations, branding, form optimization level, features, and support level. 

For complete details on Typeform pricing and limitations, check the pricing page. 

Still, here are the pricing plans:

  • Basic – $25 per year
  • Plus – $50 per year
  • Business – $83 per year

Note: These are 12-month billing plans, saving you 16%. The price will be slightly higher if you choose the month-to-month billing cycle. 


  • Engaging Form Experience – Typeform’s conversational format makes form completion more interactive and enjoyable for users, potentially leading to higher completion rates.
  • Logic Jumps – Personalize the form experience and collect more relevant data by tailoring the question flow based on user responses.
  • Stunning Design – Create beautiful and visually appealing forms that enhance your website’s aesthetics.
  • Easy to Use – Typeform is beginner-friendly and suitable for advanced users. 


  • Limited Customization Options – Compared to traditional form builders, Typeform offers less control over your forms’ overall design and layout.
  • Pricing for High Volume – The cost can become significant with Typeform’s tiered pricing structure for high-volume form usage.

Who Should Use Typeform?  

Typeform is best for businesses that prioritize user experience and want to create engaging forms for surveys, quizzes, feedback collection, and lead generation, especially when visual appeal is a key factor.

5. Zoho Forms

Zohoforms website

Zoho Forms is a comprehensive no-code WordPress form builder from Zoho, offering a feature-rich solution that integrates seamlessly with other Zoho products. You can download the plugin directly from your WordPress admin or through the WordPress plugin repository. 

It’s a perfect match for eCommerce businesses processing invoices and bookkeeping and integrating with payment processors. 

Zohoforms allows you to build online web forms and easily automate workflow, even if you’re a novice. There is no requirement to know a thing about coding; everything is drag and drop using an intuitive interface. 

Zohoform is designed for marketers and businesses, allowing them to create forms that integrate with other applications like Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Mailchimp, Zoho SalesIQ, and campaigns. 

You can monitor form performance with UTM tracking and Facebook pixel, which are equipped with your Zohoforms automatically. Also, contact forms created in Zohoforms can be embedded with WordPress shortcode or from a URL parameter, making adding your Form to a WordPress blog easier.  

Zohoforms Standout Features

  • Payment Integrations – Accept online payments through your Zoho Forms creations with integrations for popular payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe.
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics – Gain valuable insights into your form performance with Zoho Forms’ comprehensive reporting and analytics tools. Track data, analyze user behavior, and identify areas for improvement.
  • Conditional Logic – Personalize the form experience and tailor question flow based on user input using Zoho Forms’ conditional logic functionalities.
  • Powerful Data and Analytics Features – Several built-in tools exist to collect, share, and analyze form submission data more efficiently. 
  • Mobile App – You can access your Zohoforms, work offline, scan codes, collect user signatures, and do lots more with the Zohoform mobile application, available on Android and IOS stores.
  • Email Autoresponders – Automatically send email notifications or confirmations upon form submission, keeping users informed and streamlining communication.
  • Multi-User Collaboration – Collaborate with team members on form creation and management with Zoho Forms’ multi-user functionalities.
  • Subform – Allows users to add multiple form entries or items to a single form field.

ZohoForms Pricing

A free Zohoform plan allows a maximum of three forms, 500 form submissions per month, unlimited reports, 10 payment processing, and up to 200MB of file storage.

The premium plans start at $8 monthly (When billed annually). It gives you access to more premium and advanced features like payment integration, storage, user seats, and built-in custom themes.

Considering the pricing, Zohoform is more affordable for beginners than most competitors. Though it is more suitable for creating basic and payment forms, it works well if you don’t require complex form fields and data handling.

There are four standard Zohoform prices; you can subscribe to one of the following:

  • Basic – $8 per month
  • Standard – $20 per month
  • Professional – $40 per month
  • Premium – $80 per month


  • Feature-Rich Solution – Zoho Forms offers comprehensive features, making it suitable for building various forms with diverse functionalities.
  • Zoho Ecosystem Integration – Seamlessly integrate your forms with other Zoho applications you might already be using, streamlining your workflow and data management.
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics – Gain valuable insights into your form performance and user behavior with Zoho Forms’ robust reporting tools.
  • Connect With Other Zoho products – If you use other Zoho products, this can benefit you. 
  • Payment Integrations – All Zohoform licenses give you access to payment system integrations. 


  • Interface Complexity (for Beginners) – The extensive features might seem overwhelming for beginners, requiring a learning curve to navigate the interface effectively.
  • Limited Free Version – The free version has significant limitations on features and submissions, making it less suitable for substantial form usage without upgrading.

Who Should Use ZohoForms?

This is for beginners, small businesses, and eCommerce owners who need a feature-rich form builder that integrates Zoho products and has advanced reporting capabilities. ZohoForms is also suitable for users who are already invested in the Zoho ecosystem.


Do I need a Form Builder Plugin?

That is not necessarily the case; WordPress offers basic contact form functionalities with Jetpack. However, form builder plugins offer a wider range of features, customization options, and integrations, making them ideal for creating more complex functions and effective forms.

What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing a Form Builder Plugin?

Consider your technical expertise, the types of forms you need to create, desired features (e.g., conditional logic, payment integrations), budget, and ease of use.

You should also consider the form builder’s ease of use, editor, discount offers, and other requirements unique to your business needs.

Are There Any Free-Form Builder Plugins Available?

Yes, most plugins mentioned in this article offer free versions (except for GravityForms) with limited features. Free WordPress form builders plugins are a great way to test the plugin’s full functionalities before committing to a premium plan.

Do form builder plugins slow down my website?

Most of the best WordPress form builder plugins are well-coded and shouldn’t significantly impact your website speed and performance. However, it’s always recommended to choose a lightweight plugin and avoid using excessive features that might bloat your forms. The best thing to do is to test and monitor your site speed and performance before and after activating any WordPress plugin or codes. 

Are form builder plugins secure?

Look for plugins with a good reputation and proven security practices. Regularly update your plugins to ensure they have the latest security patches. You can review the plugin developers’ changelog page to learn about the service history and maintainanance culture. 

Can I integrate my forms with other marketing tools?

Yes, you can integrate your forms with other marketing tools and services. Many contact form builder plugins offer integrations with popular email marketing services, CRMs, and payment gateways. Check the specific features of each plugin to see what integrations are available.

Which Form Plugin is Easiest to Use for Beginners?

WPForms and NinjaForms are known for their user-friendly interfaces and drag-and-drop builders, making them ideal for beginners. You should consider WPForms as the first option if you’re a beginner; the lite version is sufficient and offers essential contact form needs. 

Which WordPress Contact Form Plugin Offers The Most Advanced Features?

GravityForms and WPForms offer advanced features, functionalities, and extensive customization, giving you more control over form design and interactions. Both options are the best candidates for the WordPress form plugin with advanced features. 

Which Web Form Plugin is Best For Creating Engaging and Interactive Forms?

Typeform is undoubtedly the best WordPress form software for creating interactive and engaging contact forms. It offers a unique conversational format and style, making form completion more interactive and user-friendly. Its one-question-at-a-time approach makes it easier for users to fill in and answer all questions without feeling overwhelmed.  


The best WordPress form builder plugins offer many options to streamline data collection and user interaction, optimize landing page conversion, and generate more leads. 

From user-friendly options for beginners to feature-rich solutions for complex needs, there’s a perfect plugin waiting to be discovered for different user needs, budgets, and experiences. 

Remember, the best form builder for you depends on your specific requirements, budget, features, and technical expertise. 

By carefully evaluating the options presented in this article, you’ll be well-equipped to choose the WordPress form plugin that empowers your website to grow.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with free versions or take advantage of plugin demos to get a feel for their functionality before committing to a premium plan. With the right form builder in place, you can unlock a world of possibilities for collecting valuable data, engaging with your audience, and achieving your website’s goals.

Which plugin is your favorite? 

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