5 Best WordPress Landing Page Builders Plugins Compared

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Creating high-converting landing pages shouldn’t be difficult, especially in today’s digital marketing world. 

It doesn’t matter your level of creative design skills; WordPress landing page builders make it possible for anyone to create stunning web pages in minutes. 

These plugins can be used to create any web page, from a typical homepage to opt-in, sales, testimonial, or just think of it. You can make whatever web page you can imagine. 

In today’s post, I show you five of the best WordPress landing page plugins and software money can buy. 

The good part is that these landing page tools offer free plans you can try and use for a long time without committing to a paid subscription.

But first, let’s explain what landing pages are for some of our readers who are new to marketing. 

What Are Landing Pages?

Landing pages are the immediate destination web page following a user’s click on a link found in an article, ad, blog post, search result, or other web page.

It is a website page with a singular objective – to prompt the user to perform a specific goal or action.

While a landing page can be any page on a website, such as the home page, contact us, lead or sales page, newsletter subscription page, product page, etc., it holds a particular significance in online marketing, especially among email marketers.

The primary purpose of a landing page is to convert traffic from a targeted marketing campaign, guiding users towards a particular action and increasing conversion rates.

A critical component of any landing page is the call-to-action (CTA), which can take the form of a button, image, video content, or any other compelling element, all aimed at motivating the user to undertake a specific task.

The CTA represents a concise phrase or word that directs the visitor on what action to take while on the landing page.

There are several actions or goals that a well-optimized landing page can achieve, including:

  • Collect subscriber’s contact details
  • Increases product purchases
  • Displaying customers testimonials
  • Encouraging users to schedule phone calls
  • Watching a video, such as a webinar
  • Registration for events or programs
  • Signing up for free trials
  • Downloading marketing resources
  • Subscription to an online course program

A successful landing page hones in on and optimizes for just one of these conversion goals, maximizing its effectiveness in achieving the desired outcome.

The Importance of Landing Pages

Landing pages are essential in guiding users through the sales funnel, from the initial click on your ad or web page link to achieving a predetermined conversion goal. These pages are indispensable conversion tools capable of driving remarkable results.

For marketers, landing pages offer an opportunity to create highly focused web pages, channelling all efforts, resources, and investments toward accomplishing a specific marketing objective.

The brilliance of a well-crafted and optimized landing page lies in its ability to liberate users from on-page distractions, presenting a clear path to conversion and significantly enhancing the conversion rate.

The central purpose of a landing page is to facilitate conversion, irrespective of the nature of that conversion. 

Whether the goal is to turn leads into paying customers or rapidly build an email list, a thoughtfully designed landing page can be a game-changer.

While landing pages hold such importance for online businesses’ growth, the misconception that creating them is a challenging, time-consuming, expensive, and energy-draining task often deters marketers from utilizing them.

However, the reality is quite the opposite. Crafting a compelling landing page is akin to creating valuable content; rather than flashy embellishments, it centers on the users and the content presented. A good landing page video will help you hold people’s attention quickly.

As a WordPress user, you don’t have to be a design expert to build high-converting landing pages. With the help of free WordPress landing page plugins, anyone can swiftly create stunning landing pages within minutes.

Now, let’s explore one of the simplest methods through which even a novice can create responsive landing pages in WordPress using a plugin. 

By the end of this guide, you’ll see that building impactful landing pages is accessible to everyone, regardless of expertise.

Building Landing Pages in WordPress

When it comes to creating landing pages effortlessly, there is no better solution than leveraging the potential of landing page plugins.

Today, we will explore the five best WordPress landing page builder plugins, each equipped to help you create the perfect landing pages to convert cold traffic into loyal fans.

Rest assured that all the listed plugins boost mobile responsiveness, ensuring your WordPress landing pages will look impeccable on screens of any size.

So, without further ado, let us delve into these remarkable plugins that will take your landing page creation to new heights.

1. SeedProd

SeedProd landing page builder website

Ranked at the top of our list for a reason, SeedProd surpasses expectations by functioning as a WordPress landing page builder and a WordPress theme builder, allowing you to create custom WordPress themes effortlessly.

With its versatile theme builder features, SeedProd enables you to design various elements like archives, footers, headers, sidebars, and even WooCommerce pages without coding.

The possibilities with SeedProd are virtually limitless; you can craft any WordPress landing page you desire, whether it’s a coming soon or maintenance page, a sales and opt-in page, an email sign-up page, a checkout page, a webinar page, etc.

SeedProd’s extensive user base of over 1 million professionals is a testament to SeedProd’s prowess as the finest WordPress drag-and-drop page builder available today.

Each landing page built with SeedProd is mobile responsive, SEO optimized and protected against spam, ensuring a seamless user experience across devices.

SeedProd boasts over eighty pre-built custom blocks, empowering you to bring your imagination to life easily.

In addition to its vast collection of custom blocks, SeedProd offers Access to more than 150 professionally designed landing page templates, enabling you to find the perfect match for your mission swiftly, customize it to your liking, and make it uniquely yours.

Seamlessly integrate your preferred email marketing solution with your landing pages using SeedProd’s third-party integration feature.

This integration allows you to effortlessly add subscribers to your email list directly from your landing pages.

SeedProd supports a wide array of popular third-party services, including:

  • Aweber
  • ConvertKit
  • MailChimp,
  • Getresponse,
  • iContact,
  • Zapier,
  • reCAPTCHA,
  • Drip, and many more,

SeedProd Pricing

  • Basic – $39.50/yr. (1 website)
  • Plus – $99.50/yr. (Up to 3 websites)
  • Pro – $199.50/yr. (Up to 5 websites)
  • Elite – $239.60/yr. (Allow unlimited websites)

2. Divi

Divi from Elegant Theme Landing page builder

Renowned in the industry for creating stunning landing pages, Divi, the popular WordPress theme and page builder developed by Elegant Themes, stands out as a top choice for many website owners.

If you seek a robust WordPress theme builder that provides full control over your website design, Divi is your ultimate solution.

The game-changing introduction of the Divi Theme Builder in 2019 revolutionized how landing pages are created. With Divi, you can effortlessly build responsive, SEO-optimized, and spam-free landing pages while retaining complete control over every website element.

Moreover, the Divi theme builder empowers you to build custom WordPress themes from scratch, allowing you to edit any part of your website to match your unique vision.

With the Divi Theme Builder, you can create custom global headers, footers, archive pages, 404 pages, product pages, and more. Your imagination only limits the possibilities, as Divi empowers you to bring your ideas to life easily.

The user-friendly interface of the Divi Theme Builder caters to beginners, employing intuitive drag-and-drop functionality for a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Divi Pricing

  • Yearly Access – $89/yr (Annula subscription)
  • Lifetime access – $249 (One-time payment)

All plans give you unlimited Access to Divi theme features, which you can use on countless websites.

3. Elementor Pro

Elementor - Free WordPress Pagd Builder Plugin

Among the popular landing page builders, Elementor shines as a fast and user-friendly interface, allowing users to create custom WordPress pages effortlessly in minutes.

With a thriving community of over 1 million creators, Elementor’s theme builders have become a go-to choice for designing stunning web pages that captivate audiences.

Over 90 ready-made custom widgets cater to every imaginable need, providing a comprehensive toolkit for building your pages. 

Additionally, Elementor offers countless built-in capabilities, allowing you to craft visually appealing and highly functional pages in minutes.

Access to a vast library of over 300 pre-made basic and pro-page templates further streamlines the page-building process, making it convenient and efficient.

Elementor’s versatility extends to language support, boasting availability in over 50 languages and seamless integration with popular WordPress plugins such as WordFence, Yoast, WooCommerce, LearnDash, and many more, amplifying the plugin’s capabilities.

Engineered for speed, Elementor ensures that your website pages maintain optimal performance, eliminating concerns about page slowdowns.

Elementor Pricing

  • Essential – $49/year (one website)
  • Expert – $199/year (Up to 25 websites)
  • Studio – $499/year (Up to 100 websites)
  • Agency – $999/year (Up to 1,000 websites)

Using Elementor, you can explore the features and functionalities that have made this landing page builder a top choice among website creators and web development agencies.

4. LeadPage

LeadPages Lanidng page builder homepage

For small business owners, creating high-converting websites and landing pages is paramount to achieving success in the digital landscape. 

Combining LeadPages, website builders, and landing page creators can yield remarkable results.

Among the most time-tested and renowned WordPress sites and landing page builders, Leadpages offers a comprehensive suite of marketing tools beyond mere website builders.

A standout feature is Leadpages’ pop-ups, which empower you to incorporate email pop-ups seamlessly into any landing page or website, enabling you to collect email subscribers precisely when they show interest.

Leadpages is a cross-platform website builder, allowing you to utilize it on non-WordPress websites.

With an extensive array of pre-made landing pages and website templates, growing your business with high-converting, mobile-responsive website designs becomes effortless.

The drag-and-drop functionality empowers you to handpick and edit any elements on the page, putting you in complete control of the design process.

Further, Leadpages’ widget features allow you to add diverse elements, such as images, text, CTA buttons, web forms, and more, to any part of your page, enabling you to craft the perfect layout for your needs.

With seamless integration with top email marketing services, analytics platforms, and CRM systems, Leadpages empowers you to monitor your marketing campaign’s progress with precision and data-backed insights.

LeadPages Pricing

Pro Plan:

  • Yearly Plan: $74/month
  • Monthly Plan: $99/month

Standard Plan:

  • Annual Plan: $37/month
  • Monthly Plan: $49/month

With Leadpages, you can elevate your online presence and witness the transformative impact of high-converting website design on your business.

5. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder WordPress Landing page creator

Beaver Builder is a widely acclaimed best WordPress landing page creator plugin boasting an impressive user base of over 1 million satisfied users. 

With a rich selection of more than a dozen SEO-friendly landing page templates, it offers a robust and user-friendly solution.

One of Beaver Builder’s standout features is its versatility, as it effortlessly integrates with any WordPress theme, ensuring seamless compatibility across various website designs.

Although the user interface and navigation might initially appear challenging to beginners, Beaver Builder is designed to be more advanced for users new to page builders. With a bit of exploration and experimentation, users quickly learn its functionalities and features.

The plugin offers extensive Google Fonts, granting users unlimited font choices and combinations. This feature empowers you to create visually appealing and captivating typography for your landing pages.

An exceptional advantage of utilizing Beaver Builder lies in its licensing policies. All plans come with unlimited website installations, allowing you to use the plugin on multiple websites, regardless of your chosen plan. 

The distinction lies in the available features in each plan or license.

Purchasing any plan grants you one year of support and a 40% discount on the following renewal license.

Beaver Builder is committed to customer satisfaction by offering a 30-day money-back guarantee policy without questions. This means you’re simply trying the plugin for a 30-day free trial.

Beaver Builder Pricing

  • Standard – $99/yr. (Unlimited websites/40% on renewal)
  • Pro – $199/yr. (Unlimited websites + 40% on renewal)
  • Agency – $399/yr. (Unlimited websites + 40% on renewal)

By leveraging the capabilities of Beaver Builder, users can confidently create captivating and high-converting landing pages that elevate their online presence and drive business growth.

Conclusion – WordPress Landing Page Builders

If you’re looking for a reliable WordPress page builder for your next project, SeedProd is an excellent choice worth exploring. 

Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible even for beginners, and with a vast collection of professionally designed templates across various industries, you’re sure to find one that suits your specific needs. 

The availability of a forever-free account for basic and straightforward landing page design further adds to its appeal.

For those seeking simplicity in creating coming soon pages, maintenance mode pages, and powerful landing pages with free templates, the SeedProd Lite version provides a compelling solution.

Elementor, on the other hand, emerges as another strong contender from the list. Its Elementor Theme Builder empowers serious business owners to easily build remarkable landing pages, offering many helpful features that enhance page-building.

The options presented in this list offer superior choices for building responsive and high-converting landing pages. 

However, there’s no need to try them all, as these landing pages and theme builders are among the best and most affordable options available today.

Ultimately, your choice will depend on your specific requirements and preferences, but with the options presented here, you’re well-equipped to make an informed decision and elevate your online presence.

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